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Agile planning and actionable location analytics for your Qlik platform

Everyone nowadays agrees that the best way of using information to support company processes is to combine planning with analysis. The stronger the integration the better the result.

K4 Analytics is a modular solution which seamlessly extends the Qlik platform, both QlikView and Qlik Sense.

Already adopted by leading system integrators and demanding customers across multiple industries in 30+ countries, K4 software can help with building and deploying agile planning applications (cloud-based or on premise) in a fraction of the time and cost required by other products.

The easiness of modeling and richness in features is further extended by the integration with ArcGIS, the Esri leading GIS platform for mapping and spatial analysis.

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                          Best Differentia 2017 Q1

What our customers & partners are saying :

  • Our customer, an international financial holding,has been using QlikView for several years. They successfully replaced their Excel based budget with KliqPlan. The result being very positive, they asked us to extend the coverage of KliqPlan for new business areas, enabling them to considerably reduce the input time and operational errors. A real Win-Win!

    -Axel Pierard - Kozalys
  • KliqPlan is for the Budget / Forecast Process what QlikView is for Business Discovery: disruptive! QlikView and KliqPlan are the perfect combination for revolutionizing what used to be, according to Jack Welch "the most ineffective practice in management".
    Jean-Marc Toussaint - Micropole
  • KliqPlan is a very affordable and easy way to implement a budgeting solution. It leverages the power of QlikView and the database which gives you great flexibility. KT Labs has an excellent team that supports you right from inception. KT Labs is constantly reviewing and implementing new features that make the user experience better and better.
    Lolade Iheanacho – SmatData
  • The Planning Suite is a powerful solution that makes possible managing complex payroll forecast within the QlikView platform.
    Stéphane Garnier – CGI France
  • I have been using KT Labs Planning Suite for over 2 years, KT Labs teams are attentive and very responsive... With a roadmap always full of useful new features for users!
    Pierre-Yves BERRIOT – Decideis
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